Many men don’t like to perform oral sex! Are you also doing the same mistake with your gorgeous partner? You won’t believe but because of that, women are able to be satisfied 100%. So, it is extremely important to perform oral sex on a woman before directly jumping into sexual acts.
Here are some oral tips for men that include everything- sex positions, techniques, and sex toys that will help you in becoming better at oral sex.
Always go with slow pace: You want to enjoy full satisfaction and at the same time, you need to provide her with the same enjoyment. So, it is important to make her orgasm very well- but you might know it is not an easy thing to do. It is important to take some time, and then be little bit slow down and see how much time you are taking to turn your mate on.
Play with her whole body: Every escorts girl is different, so it is important for you know that all have different erogenous zones. Some want to enjoy with their nipples, whereas some like to enjoy extreme level of kissing and same goes with other ladies. It is too important for you to know where your partner like to be touched and then accordingly, you are supposed to make her feel the best one.
Try to know her body language: You should try to read her body language and on the basic of that, you can easily make her orgasm. You can directly ask her what she prefers and then depending on that, you can love her and thus, can have a great time with each other.
Enjoy foreplay before directly jumping into the sexual acts: You can play with her body and then make her feel the best. You can try some sex toys like vibrator and don’t forget to use a lubrication for making the things go smoother.
Use your fingers- the best natural sex toy: It might be funny to you but believe it- your fingers are the best thing that you can use. You can show some creativity with it- try to scroll down over her body and then make her feel at the top of the world or may be even.
Play with her lips: Many Canberra Escorts suggest that- women loves to be played with their lips. So, if you want- you can play with her lips in different ways- you can bite it, lick it or just enter your mouth to it for enjoying the best time.